nuttin' but some g thangs

Jace Little
Black and white seriousness

Black and white seriousness



Anonymous asked: Do you shampoo/condition your beard?

Ermm occasionally, not so much with the conditioning. Just good oils my friend :)

Anonymous asked: I want to touch your body and make out with you lots

You’ll have to buy me dinner first!

pickledchickenfeet asked: You are absolutely stunning. How old are you? Where are you from?

Thank you very much! I’m 20 and from Wales :)

the-emerald-pin-up asked: I don't remember following you but I'm glad I did. You have a nice face :).

Awh well thank you for following and that’s really kind of you to say that :)

Dinner in the garden

Dinner in the garden

seraleebby asked: You are the most perfect human being I've ever seen ❤️🙌thank you x

No no thank you :)

purplenonpeopleeater asked: Hello there! I must say, you are breathtakingly attractive. Do you have an instagram?

Thank you very much! I do it’s j4c3littl3 :)

-pixieandthegiants asked: We definitely are. I'm from Cardiff (: you?

Aw that’s cool, I’m from Newport :)

-pixieandthegiants asked: I saw you're from Wales, so am I (: I hardly ever see Welsh people when I'm looking around tumblr.

We are a very rare breed, what part of Wales are you from? :)

heroceanofviolence asked: Um hi from across the pond. You are absolutely stunning

Thank you very much for the compliment and hello to you :)

Beard trim

Beard trim